Northwest Institute for Materials Physics, Chemistry, and Technology

The Northwest Institute for Materials Physics, Chemistry, and Technology — or NW IMPACT — is a joint research collaboration of the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington.

Origins: PNNL and UW jointly initiated NW IMPACT to facilitate collaborative research teams that combine their resources, expertise, and passion for materials science.

Our mission: Accelerate transformative advances in technology through the science of making materials. These advances will drive discoveries and advancements in energy, telecommunications, medicine, information technology, and other fields.

Our vision: Make the Northwest the nation's leader in research and workforce development for creating next-generation materials in energy, security, manufacturing, transportation, biomedical, and information technologies.



Two prominent research institutions in Washington state—PNNL and UW—established NW IMPACT to carry out joint research in the science of making materials and to educate the next generation of scientists.

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James De Yoreo

James De Yoreo wins prestigious U.S. Department of Energy Award

NW IMPACT founding co-director, James De Yoreo, has been named a 2020 Distinguished Scientist Fellow by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy. He is recognized for "transformational discoveries that have reshaped our understanding of materials synthesis", and his successes in establishing collaborations between universities and national laboratories. more ...

NW IMPACT team leads new Energy Frontier Research Center

The Center for the Science of Synthesis Across Scales (CSSAS), funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, is mastering the design of hierarchical materials based on sequence-defined macromolecules that self-assemble into soft matter and direct the organization of inorganic components into hybrid materials. This center is led by the University of Washington and directed by Francois Baneyx. The deputy director is Jim De Yoreo, who is a founding co-director of NW IMPACT. more ...

Quantum Materials are the focus of a new Energy Frontier Research Center

NW IMPACT researcher Xiaodong Xu leads the UW contribution to a new Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) entitled Programmable Quantum Materials. Xu has led a NW IMPACT project on quantum phenomena in two dimensional materials since early 2018. more ...

David Ginger elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences

NW IMPACT founding co-director David S. Ginger was elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences. He is recognized for his studies on the "optoelectronic properties of thin film semiconductor materials including organic semiconductors, quantum dots, and halide perovskites." more ...

NW IMPACT team lands Army Research Office funding for biomimetic growth of plasmonic nanomaterials

NW IMPACT research team including Chun-Long Chen and Jim De Yoreo, a founding co-director of NW IMPACT from PNNL, and Jim Pfaendtner from UW, will elucidate the principles by which peptoids control the growth and morphology of plasmonic nanomaterials. more ...