NW IMPACT (Northwest Institute for Materials Physics, Chemistry, and Technology)


From the stone age to the silicon age, innovations throughout history have relied on advances in materials science and technology. To accelerate the pace of those advances, NW IMPACT brings together the passion, resources, and expertise of PNNL and the UW to carry out joint research in the science of making materials and to educate the next generation of scientists.

With the collective strengths of PNNL and UW, NW IMPACT is expected to make materials discoveries that could catalyze new industries, while also attracting top scientific talent to the region.

NW IMPACT achieves its mission through collaborative research programs carried out in shared facilities at both sites, while also engaging UW students.

Materials science will drive advancements in technologies for energy, information, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, and biomedicine.

With an initial focus on materials for energy conversion and storage, NW IMPACT benefits and leverages DOE Basic Energy Sciences programs in materials science and UW's Washington State-funded Clean Energy Institute.

Future focus areas include materials for water separation and use; quantum materials and information technology; biomimetic materials; biomedicine; transportation; and telecommunications.

NW IMPACT was launched in January 2018 — See the news release, Tri-City Herald story and videos.

View the NW IMPACT flier.

View the Information Workshop slides.


Advisory Board

  • Suresh Baskaran – Director, Research Partnerships, PNNL
  • Michael B. Bragg – Dean, School of Engineering, UW
  • Bruce Clemens – Director, The Clemens Group, Stanford University
  • Jun Liu – Division Director, Energy Processes and Materials, Energy and Environment Directorate, PNNL
  • Daniel Schwartz – Office of Research Liaison to PNNL, UW
  • Robert Stacey – Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, UW
  • Louis Terminello – Associate Laboratory Director, Physical and Computational Sciences, PNNL
  • Matt Tirrell – University of Chicago, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science, Chief Research Officer, and Manager of the Laboratory-Directed Research and Development program, Argonne National Laboratory

University of Washington Faculty Visioning Committee

  • Bruce Hinds, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Xiaosong Li, Chemistry
  • Jim Pfaendtner, Chemical Engineering
  • Jerry Seidler, Physics