Northwest Institute for Materials Physics, Chemistry, and Technology


Inaugural Advisory Board

  • Suresh Baskaran – Director, Research Partnerships, PNNL
  • Michael B. Bragg – Dean, School of Engineering, UW
  • Bruce Clemens – Director, The Clemens Group, Stanford University
  • Jun Liu – Division Director, Energy Processes and Materials, Energy and Environment Directorate, PNNL
  • Daniel Schwartz – Office of Research Liaison to PNNL, UW
  • Robert Stacey – Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, UW
  • Louis Terminello – Associate Laboratory Director, Physical and Computational Sciences, PNNL
  • Matt Tirrell – University of Chicago, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science, Chief Research Officer, and Manager of the Laboratory-Directed Research and Development program, Argonne National Laboratory

University of Washington Faculty Visioning Committee

  • Bruce Hinds, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Xiaosong Li, Chemistry
  • Jim Pfaendtner, Chemical Engineering
  • Jerry Seidler, Physics